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johndeer trator, DC 12 V 24 V auto double batterie isolateur protecteur 200A Véhicule double batterie gestion intelligente isolateur R36, Wholesale acessórios esporte

Mercedes W168

For lexus es300 2004-2009. Ep-rsk3025. Jetta aquecido. For freightliner sprinter 2500 sprinter 3500 2002-2010. For 2002-2008 superb: A4 s4 b6 b7 2000-2008   central locking switch. Start horn button momentary steel metal push button switch. Mitsubishi outlander. For daihatsu sirion terios serion yrv 98-01. Vagão suzuki. Cn#10372-2. Mr740599 fit for 2: Cqc,ce,emc,ccc. Polo logotipo traseiro. Diameter w: Plug seal. Abs+aluminum. 2007,2006,2008,2009. Iwsvh003. 

Lada Para Samara

Ttp229-lsf. Reference oem number: 2013,2014,2010,2009,2012,2011. Carro de controle remoto de bloqueio. Em off mini. Carro para pista elétrica. 84040-0n020, 84040-02050, 84040-06020. Function: Max. voltage	: 5gg 927 238e. 1.4v 3d. Sku276080. For bmw 750ilAcessórios fusca. Off on. 2001,1990,1999,2000. 84250-0d120-e0. 3d printer parts & accessories: Left/front. For nissan tiida c11 sc11 c11z 2007-2010. 

100a Car Relay

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Polo Originais

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Well, the out-of-IMDb-Top-5000-and-no-rank-at-all actor Matt Ryan is on the front page of the world famous Rotten Tomatoes today. At my first glance, I thought it was a customised AD of Google. :D
In this interview:
RT: When will we see John...

Well, the out-of-IMDb-Top-5000-and-no-rank-at-all actor Matt Ryan is on the front page of the world famous Rotten Tomatoes today. At my first glance, I thought it was a customised AD of Google. :D

In this interview:

RT: When will we see John Constantine again in the animated series?

Ryan: I don’t know, man. I’m waiting to hear. I’ve recorded it and the script was absolutely great. I’m really looking forward to seeing it and hopefully soon. I have no news on t hat I’m afraid.

RT: Does it pick up right where we last saw John on Arrow and Justice League Dark?

Ryan: No, what we’ve done is we’ve taken a very popular Hellblazer story from the comics and then adapted that. The John Constantine that I play in the TV show, the DNA of the character is in the Justice League Dark movie and in the animated TV show as well. It’s all the same John, but we’ve taken a very specific story and adapted that. I was really pleased about that story because I was reading the comics and I was hoping we’d be able to do. It was great fun to play that out and John is such a beloved character by all the Constantine and Hellblazer fans. It’s just been a pleasure to play him in these different media and hopefully I’ll get the chance again.

RT: Which Hellblazer arc was it?

Ryan: “All His Engines.”

matt ryan constantine john contantine hellblazer rotten tomatoes all his engines

Some details from The Order of the Ancients Trailer of Assassin’s Creed: Origins

  • The “龙 LONG (Chinese Dargon) Symbol on the coat of The Duelist. Personally, I assume this is a mistake. As far as I know, this kind of developed LONG symbol might have appeared about 1000 years later. 
  • The false prophet (I think his name is Medunamun?) uses Apple of Eden beats the poor man to death. Btw, what a waste to use a Piece of Eden like this!
  • The Assassin’s Logo on the sail.

assassin's creed apple of eden chinese dragon ac origins bayek ac my edit a brotherhood rises aco assassin's creed origins

Three Easter Eggs of Final Fantasy XV x Assassin’s Creed: Origins in their collaboration

  • Assassin’s Creed: Origins E3 reveal trailer: Noctis, Ardyn, Chocobo etc. on the mural. The discovery and pictures are done by 血雨/BloodbluerainThanks for the reblog permission! And she asks to leave this as well: Above is purely conjecture. All explanations belong to Ubisoft and SE.
  • Final Fantasy XV “Omen” trailer: AC logo.
  • Assassin’s Creed: Origins Gamescom CG trailer: Umbra from FF15.

assassin's creed final fantasy assassin's creed origins final fantasy xv easter egg ac origins aco ac a brotherhood rises ff15 over 200 notes

Bayek of Siwa (with Arno Dorian’s face?) from Assassin’s Creed: Origins by Wert23
Thanks for the reblog/post permission!
I thought that in ACO, there would have been certain Helix Rift/Time Anomaly missions setting during Napoleon’s Egyptian...

Bayek of Siwa (with Arno Dorian’s face?) from Assassin’s Creed: Origins by Wert23

Thanks for the reblog/post permission!


I thought that in ACO, there would have been certain Helix Rift/Time Anomaly missions setting during Napoleon’s Egyptian Campaign, where we could have playe d as Arno Dorian from AC: Unity as a sequel of Dead Kings DLC. And then, the other day, the game director has officially broken my dream by confirming that there won’t be Helix Rift/Time Anomaly missions in ACO

assassin's creed assassin's creed origins ac origins bayek arno dorian aco ac a brotherhood rises fanart wert23

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